Targeted Solo Ads: The Complete Guide

by admin_webmastered in Digital Marketing August 9, 2021

So what do we know about targeted solo ads?

If you are dedicated to affiliate marketing, you are always looking for new forms of traffic to get conversions. There are indeed many ways to bring visitors to your pages, and ads are just one of them.

The idea of a solo ad is to get qualified traffic directly to your offer or landing page. Solo ads are a very effective way to present a proposal with many possibilities to convert. These are very useful for CPA offers, affiliate programs, and CPM.

In this guide, we will see step by step what a Solo Ad is, and you will learn everything you need to take advantage of this excellent method of paid web traffic. By the end of this article, you’ll know what a well-planned Solo Ad is for conversion, and you’ll be able to start buying and selling Solo Ads right away.

Solo Ad In a Nutshell

A single or solo ad is an ad space purchased from an existing email list. There are many websites with large lists willing to sell you a space to put your ad. It is an excellent way to focus your idea better and, by default, get better conversions.

What you’re doing is buying targeted traffic to your page, or in other words, you’re buying clicks from people who are really interested in your proposal. Without too many complications, find a list that fits your niche, and you’ll only pay for the clicks you receive.

How Does Buying/Selling Solo Ads Work?

It’s necessary to explain who is involved in the process in order to understand what a targeted solo ad is. Solo Ads transactions include three roles:

Buyer: a person buying clicks
Seller: the person who sells clicks
Network: a market/ network for Solo Ads transactions.

In other words, when you buy a Solo Ad, you are paying someone to send an email to their contacts promoting your offer, product, service, etc.

How Effective Are Targeted Solo Ads?

Without a doubt, if you manage to fit the audience of the Solo Ad provider well with your offer, you can have incredible results. Web traffic from targeted Solo Ads can be highly rated, and the best thing is that it is a high-speed traffic method. You can see your results on the same day you buy the ad.

So far everything sounds so easy and fun, right?

We told you about the easy part, but we’re only getting to the hard part. The hard part is trying several vendors to filter only those whose service gives you the best conversion. We will talk more about this issue later in this guide.

Who Benefits From Using Targeted Solo Ads?

If your product or service can be promoted via email, you can take advantage of targeted Solo Ads. If you’re doing affiliate marketing with a network, Solo Ads can help. When you promote, for example, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, JvZoo, and other products from these affiliate marketing networks, you can get great benefits from buying quality clicks with targeted Solo Ads.

In affiliate marketing, you can earn attractive commissions simply by promoting other products. Solo Ads are a qualified web traffic method that can serve almost any business. The important thing is to know which list to target, which involves proper research and a clearly defined target audience.

What Do You Need to Use Solo Ads?

Before buying Solo Ads, you should have a series of things already prepared so that you don’t waste your money. The idea here is to increase traffic and subsequently profit, not losing money. So, here are some steps to take before you buy your Solo Ad:  

Step #1: Create a Landing Page

The first thing is to know where you will send the clicks you buy to promote your offer. That’s why you must have a  landing page ready for high conversion before you purchase Solo Ads. Otherwise, you’ll surely lose your money, and that’s not what we’re aiming for. Many digital ad metrics tools throughout the internet come with great features so that you can make ads, create the most splendid landing page, and track the whole process. 

Step #2: Click Tracking (Tracking Links)

Several digital ad metrics tools allow you to track clicks. Some of the most used and effective digital ad metrics tools are TinyURL or Bitly, which facilitate the process of tracking your clicks. Or, you could try to install a plugin like Pretty Link within WordPress to keep track of your clicks. If you are interested in premium digital ad metrics tools, there are many other valuable tools to choose from. Our personal favorite is definitely ClickMagick. 

ClickMagick is not expensive and offers many exciting features like a cover-up, keyword tracking, rotation, etc. In addition, you can try Clickmagick for free to find out if the program suits your needs before purchasing. It’s crucial to use click tracking when purchasing Solo Ads because you’ll know if the clicks you’re buying are worth it or not. With a tracking tool like ClickMagick, you can learn everything about the clicks you receive. We mean things like: demographics, browser used, or you can even track the keywords people used to find your content.

Step #3: Set up your Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are used to automate your entire sales process. Keep in mind that the funnel includes one opt-in page and POP( Post Opt-in Page), also called a Thank You Page. The POP is a pretty significant page, so make sure you have it. Sales funnels are a great framework to use once you make ads and follow your business so you can quickly identify the areas that need to be improved. 

Step #4: Use Email Sequences

With Email Marketing, you can promote products and services and build an audience through emails, most of which are sent automatically. This is possible thanks to the Autoresponder tool.

Remember that the goal of your targeted Solo Ad is to get leads; emails from people interested in your offer. For this, you need to build your contact list bit by bit. Then, you’ll be able to keep track of your email sequences. There are many free ad servers that you can use to make ads and advertise them. The content of the auto-reply emails will vary depending on the funnel you created. It is recommended to use at least one week of autoresponders and a consistent sending schedule to send emails at least three times a week.

Step #5: Prepare an Email Swap 

An Email Swap is a sample email that you need to give to the Solo Ads seller. Your Email Swap must have information about your offer or your content. In addition, it needs to have a solid call to action (CTA) button.

How To Get Free Solo Ads?

Let’s talk about Ad Swaps. This is an ad exchange method. Solo Ads Swaps are the center of attention from email marketers today. However, here’s the thing: it’s still in a developing stage. Here’s how an ad exchange works:

Step 1: You contact someone who is willing to exchange clicks. Make sure that the person you choose to swap with has a good clicks history. If they don’t have it, then the leads will be useless; 

Step 2: You make an agreement about the delivery date, tracking URL, and clicks with the other party;

Step 3: Both parties will start sending clicks according to the agreed delivery date without paying real money. Bear in mind that you need to make exchanges with only trusted sellers. These sellers should include those with whom you have a personal relationship to avoid losing conversions or, worse, no traffic at all on your site.

What Are The Benefits of Using Solo Ads?

Using targeted solo ads can result in significant benefits for your business. Knowing what the benefits are might change your mind if you were skeptical about Solo Ads. Here are some of the most important benefits:

Reach a Bigger Audience

With targeted Solo ads, you get an opportunity to reach your targeted audience. Professional vendors of targeted Solo Ads with thousands of subscribers in their email list, usually 100k+, can help you quickly reach your target audience. We recommend finding a Solo ads seller with great experience that will offer you an email list to really boost your traffic. Without solo ads advertising, there’s no way to reach a vast audience. 

100% Guarantee Of Traffic 

The Solo ads seller has their own targeted email list, so you will get an offer with a targeted audience or a newsletter when you order ads. Also, you’ll get a traffic analysis report. You pay for the ads once you get targeted traffic; for example, the order of 1000 traffic will bring you 1000+ traffic

Affordable Pricing Options

There’s a reason why targeted solo ads are better than any other paid marketing. They have flexible and affordable pricing options. With Solo Ads, you can negotiate the payment with the vendor. There are two options available to pay: fixed pricing or performance-based payment. 

The best thing about Solo ads under the marketplace is that you can make payments after getting the results you want, which means you have a whole-flexible pricing choice. You choose in which way to pay – from per sale to per clicks payment.

They Are Cost-Effective

The greatest thing about targeted Solo ads is the chance of effective costs. Solo ads are pretty cheap and reasonable, and without limiting your Ad budget. You’ll need only a few bucks to start an Ad Advertising. 

It is the most cost-effective marketing ever. In general, Solo Ads Campaigns run $0.20 per click. Of course, the cost of ads can be higher depending on the quality of the email list subscribers.

No Need For Email List

You don’t need any list when it comes to Solo Ads marketing, as every solo ad seller has a ready high-quality list to achieve your business goals. The only thing you need to do is to give the email list of your targeted audience. 

Less Effort – Rapid Growth

The most fantastic thing about Solo Ad advertising is that you don’t need a lot of effort to grow your business. No technical knowledge is required to make ads and set them up. There is a plethora of  free ad server and digital ad metrics tools that will help your business grow faster. Unlike other marketing methods, you don’t need to wait too long to accomplish your business goals with targeted Solo ads. The ads seller will do the job for you, and your business will result in rapid growth with less effort.


The Best Way Of Generating Auto-Targeted Traffic

Solo ad advertising is the best way to boost traffic on your sites. So, the best thing to do is to order ads from prominent solo vendors such as Udimi or Traffic For Me. Bear in mind that if you start any other paid marketing, there is no guarantee that you will get a large amount of traffic with the same budget.

The Bottom Line

We genuinely hope that this guide was helpful in how to make ads and ad advertising. We’ve outlined the essential things that you should know when getting into the world of ads. Each detail in this guide is written for a reason, and hopefully, it will help you increase the traffic you need. Targeted Solo Ads will help you a lot in taking your business to the next level. Although Solo ads advertising is a risky game, it is the best way to build traffic leads, and you have the best free ad servers to facilitate the process. 

So, ready to make your first Solo Ad and drive your business further?